March 30, 2018

Today is the day set aside to recognize the sacrifice Jesus the Messiah made on the Cross of Calvary in order to bring reconciliation between God and humanity. What you think, believe, say and intend about this event matters, because it impacts your actions, which determines the outcomes of your life. How you perceive your reality is directly connected to your perception of what happened as a result of this event. This is true regardless of what you believe about this event.

The SEE Method of Living is directed towards some specific outcomes in life. The three steps in this method, Shifting your mindset, Elevating your energetic awareness and Enhancing the quality of your life identify these outcomes. If you are not interested in achieving transformational freedom and expression, deploying your inherent potential and living your purpose, fulfilling your destiny and leaving a lasting positive legacy, then The SEE Method of Living is not for you. These are the specific outcomes being targeted.

For me, choosing to combine these outcomes with what is offered by God through what Jesus accomplished on Calvary provides a heightened level of benefit, which I am grateful for when I say YES to the relationship with Him and live fully committed to that relationship.

I also recognize and acknowledge that when a person choses to live in alignment with universal principles of truth, they can do so without saying YES to that relationship, and still benefit in their life. They may not acknowledge what took place on Calvary has any value to them, but the energetic expression of love, grace and mercy in this event still transmits a powerful vibrational frequency which permeates all of this world. In theological terms it is labelled as prevenient grace, meaning grace prior to our knowing, acknowledgment and acceptance of it.

The event identified as taking place on Good Friday, was good, because it offers transformational freedom and expression to all you will chose to accept its offer. The relationship transaction of this event removes barriers hindering our ability to move forward towards the deployment of our inherent potential. It also opens the door for the enhancement of the quality of our life in terms of living in alignment with our purpose and destiny for being on this earth and for the lasting benefit for those who will live on after our bodies return to dust.

What follows on Resurrection Sunday is a validation of what transpired on the Cross of Calvary.

Your choice! Your outcomes! No excuses!

The SEE Method of Living training is currently available at There are two tracts in this process. One focusses on the Biblical foundation. The other on the practical aspects of the universal principles to be lived out in the achievement of the outcomes.

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