February 27, 2018

What do you see? This question arose during a private time after a live training session I was hosting yesterday. As I began to writing this article, I stopped and looked out the office window at our back yard. I took a paper and pen with me to observe my response. At first glance I saw patches of snow on dull, brownish coloured grass, areas of standing water from previous mild temperatures and heavy rain, a garbage can that last night’s strong winds and shifted from it place near the front of the house, a big pile of downed branches and tree limbs gathered from the actions of winter’s attack on our trees.

Choosing to look a little more closely, I noticed the gardens needing attention, waiting for spring to fully arrive, a squirrel looking for food and defaulting to the easy pickings at our bird feeder.

Giving a third look, I noticed the branches in the trees moving with the wind, the blades of a distant wind mill turning in response to the same wind, low lying clouds amid sunny skies passing rapidly overhead, and a scampering chipmunk quickly moving across the open area at the back of our yard.

Lingering in response to the question, what do your see? I noticed the occasional small patch of grass beginning to green in various locations in the yard and tiny buds beginning to form on the tree branches in anticipation of spring.

This exercise reminded me of the importance of staying in the moment, for the moment, long enough to actually SEE what is right before my eyes. So often we think we have seen all there is to see with a quick glance and do not even realize just how much we have really missed.

The SEE Method of Living is an approach to life that provides a mechanism to help us discern and perceive what is beyond the obvious. It is a process, when we take the time to engage in it, that will SHIFT our mindset, ELEVATE our energetic awareness and ENHANCE the quality of our life, bringing a new level of transformational freedom and expression.

Check out the opportunity to learn more at www.TheSEEMethod.com. No cost training is available, at the time of this writing, on this website. What do you see in terms of your life, your potential, your dreams, goals, purpose and destiny? May it be more than just what a quick glance reveals.

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