December 1, 2017

I was reminded yesterday through a series of events how most people do not really want solutions to whatever challenges they may be facing. It was also a reminder to me, if I ask for help, am I open minded enough to accept the wisdom of those who know what I don’t know. Otherwise what’s the point of asking. There is benefit in being part of a mastermind group. Jesus brought together a group of individuals whom He taught and mentored so when He returned to His Heavenly Father they would have each other to encourage and move forward what He had started.

He even spoke about the power of more than one (Matthew 18:20), in accomplishing what it is you want to accomplish. For those who are involved in any way with helping people it would be good to realize, there are people who do not really want help, despite the challenges they may be facing. John chapter five records an encounter Jesus had with a man who had been ill for 38 years. In verse six Jesus asks this man a question, “Do you want to get well?” He never did answer the question directly. Instead he made excuses for his situation and even hinted that his condition was the fault of others who did not help him. Even after he was healed, he betrayed Jesus to those who opposed Him.

Have you ever tried to help someone, only to discover they have responded in a less than kind manner? It happens! Do not allow this to shut you down and hinder you from helping those who will listen and benefit from what you offer.