December 31, 2017

Today closes out the record book on another year. We used to be able to say history will determine whether it was a good or bad year. With the ever growing attempts to rewrite history by influence and political groups, I am not sure we can say that is really true anymore. Media “Spin Doctors” are tirelessly working to shift and manipulate people’s opinion into whatever position they deem appropriate. God’s Word stands for truth in opposition to such attempts.

What we think, believe, declare and intend about the Scriptures will impact our actions, creating our reality. We will reap what we sow in terms of the energetic vibrational frequencies we transmit. What is often ignored and even rejected by people is the outcomes experienced by people in terms of their commitment to a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

There will always be someone who seeks to establish a perceived exception as the actual universal rules of life. You can spot them by the words they use. “Yah but . . . ” is a prime example. There are also those who make their case by pointing a finger at a flawed individual as they declare, “Well if that is what . . . is like, I want nothing to do with it.” No one is perfect, except Jesus. One could look, if they chose to, at all the examples where someone acted in a manner that was Christ-like in nature, instead of looking for the times when they failed.

History is recorded in our minds based upon what we choose to focus on. It is our beliefs which will make a year good or bad, great or average, notable or forgettable. Our internal assumptions as to whether a situation was good or bad is based upon our level of faith that God will work all things for good (Romans 8:28), even when we cannot see the good yet.

I would encourage you to consider what vibrational frequencies you are carrying into the new year. Are these really what you want to continue to manifest in your future? If not, why not ask God to begin a deep work in your heart and mind to transform not just the future, but to transform you. Say YES to the relationship with Jesus and implement the changes the Holy Spirit directs in your life to live fully committed to Him and His Realm. Let Love transform you mentally, emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually.

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