December 29, 2017

Our universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Science has shown that what we consider to be solid is in fact, at the quantum level, energy filled space. Dr. David Hawkins created the “Map of Consciousness.” It is a numerical scale whereby one can measure positive from negative, power from force and truth from falsehood. Dr. Hawkins believes that every word, thought, and intention creates what is called a morphogenetic field, or attractor field, and that these energy fields can be measured by a very simple process. The “Map of Consciousness” is broken down into numeric groups.

Those individuals who are identified below a rating of 200 are living in a state of consciousness which would include Shame, Guilt/Hate, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger and Pride. These levels are the most painful and limit a person’s ability and desire for understanding and inner growth. It is difficult for those living in this state to respond in positive ways to life and spiritual growth and development. This is where the majority of people on planet earth reside according to Dr. Hawkins.

The second grouping is found in the range between 200 and 500 and is labelled the Linear Mind. In human consciousness, there is a huge transition at the level of 200 and reflects the increasing influence of spiritual energy and a reliance now on Power rather than Force. This influence brings progressive awareness and openness to the energy of love. These levels include Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, and Reason. These levels also increasingly align with truth.

The third grouping is between 500-599. This is a defining level where love is not just a feeling, but a principle to live one’s life by. Only 4 percent of the world’s population reaches the level of ‘500’ and only 0.4 percent reach level ‘540’.

The impact of vibrational frequency put out by our thoughts, beliefs, words and intentions impact our actions which have a direct association to the outcomes of our life. This applies into every area of our being, mentally, emotionally, physiologically, materially and spiritually.

This energetic mapping is significant to understand because the ability to communicate between groupings is challenging. It is like seeking to communicate with someone who does not speak your language.

The Apostle Peter’s admonition in 1 Peter 3:8-9 is a reflection of God’s desire to see our energetic consciousness elevated. He writes, “Finally, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, affectionate, compassionate, and humble. {9} Do not return evil for evil or insult for insult, but instead bless others because you were called to inherit a blessing.” The Apostle Paul calls for the same type of action in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, just as you are in fact doing.” Jesus declared, as recorded in John 6:44, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” Since we reap what we sow, we would be well advised to have our actions backed by life enhancing thoughts, beliefs, words and intentions which raise our energetic consciousness opening the door for us to live in a manner that allows us to full our God given destiny. The reality is, enslavement by illusion is comfortable for most people. It is the liberation by Truth that people fear.

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