October 29, 2017

What were your thoughts and expectations for this day? If you are reading this post after the fact, did it go as planned? If you are reading this at the beginning of the day, on a scale of 1 to 10 what is your belief it will develop as you expect? There are many unexpected variables which might or have come into play which impact how the day will turn out. Then there is your responses to events as they happen which shapes the outcomes.

Now, an important question! To what extent is your day so predictable that you know pretty much how it will turn out, because it is just like the last one? You get up, go through a set routine, likely somewhat tired, go out the door, and fight the traffic, or rush to the bus stop or subway, finally get to your destination and go through the same cycle as before, do the reverse trip home, do some house chores, take the children to some function, or watch TV, then flop into bed and start the cycle all over the next day. I hope this is not a picture of you. Such a routine, run day after day, hoping for some sort of change and excitement on the weekend will probably bring a cycle of weekend routine, providing no opening for creativity and meaning to life.

At what point will you stop and consider how this path is clicking off the days, weeks, months and years in a programmed, automatic, robot style of “living.” Is this what you really want? What if you could get up in the morning with a wonder and expectancy as to the potential for new and unexpected exciting adventures in your day, where the unexpected was not something negative? How would you feel if your day included opportunities to interact with others that was both enjoyable, uplifting and mutually beneficial?

Have you considered the fact, it is your thoughts, beliefs, words and intentions which dictate your actions and thus your outcomes each day? You get to decide what your day will look like, feel like and end up being like. You get to decide whether you will shrink into your own self-protected world of you, or engage in a process that uplifts and encourages someone else. A simple conversation can be nothing more than a shallow trade of sports scores and gossip, or an engaging process where you demonstrate, compassion and encouragement to another human being bringing meaning and value to life.

It begins with a decision you make each morning as to how you will live that day. Life by default, or life by design? You decide! This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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  1. I generally find most of my days are not routine. The use of flexibility probably more describes them. Great article and thoughts shared

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