September 26, 2017

Self Talk Matters

I picked up a book off my bookshelf yesterday afternoon which I had purchased, but never read. As I began the second chapter titled, “The Power of Your Inner Voice” in the book, Mental Power is Real by the Amazing Kreskin, I read, “Each of us carries on conversations with ourselves inside our heads. . . . Sadly, about the only time our modern society addresses this practice of holding inner conversations is to make fun of it. . . . Indeed, there is an interesting contradiction in modern society’s outlook on this. If you talk to God, you are praying; but if you hear God talking to you, apparently you are hallucinating. Thus we are taught from an early age that the inner dialogue is a bad thing, when in fact it is actually our key to thinking and reasoning.”

In the third session of my introductory event titled, “Your Wealth Mindset” which was held yesterday morning. I spoke about the fact that your “self talk matters.” I have attached the slide from my presentation to this article.

The amazing Kreskin in his book warns against “being conditioned into thinking that it is bad to talk to ourselves.” What would be good for us to understand is the value of being aware of what is transpiring in our conversation with our self. Are we being positive or negative? Are we programming our subconscious mind towards success or failure? Is what we are telling our self moving us forward, or holding us back in terms of our dreams and goals?

When you listen to your self talk what do you hear? Are you developing a mindset which empowers you to move forward towards a brighter and abundantly blessed future? Your thoughts, beliefs, words and intentions will determine your reality. So make wise choices.

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