December 30, 2016

The basic principle of who do you listen to is incredibly important. I wrote previously about the importance of your decision as it relates to a YES or a NO answer to a specific relationship. The actual answer impacts not just one relationship, but a series of relationships which extend into the future. Understanding the implications of this principle holds great power and influence in regards to what your life will look like down the road.

I have been reflecting on this in relation to the equation, “Your network equals your net-worth.” Those people who you choose to include, or exclude, from your relationship, based upon your YES or NO action will provide the resources, or lack, related to your goals, dreams and the final outcomes in your life.

I have watched a variety of people turn away from or continue to support organizations, groups and even churches to which they had belonged. Not always, but often, the change from a YES to a NO in the relationship involved a matter of personal ego. The individual decided they had been hurt, deceived, manipulated, or in so way wrongly treated and so a choice was made to end all the relationships, present and future, connected to that collection of people.

I stopped in the middle of writing this article to listen to a training call with an organization I am blessed to have been a part of for over six and a half years. The speaker was talking about the riches we have in our relationships. In the time I have been associated with this club I have gotten to know many people. Some have said NO and broken off their relationships, others have said YES and become part of the “family.” I am grateful and appreciative to all those who are impacting and influencing my life as we journey together to become the best version of ourselves we can be.

There was a day when one brother said to another, I have found someone and I would like you to meet Him. That day Andrew took his brother Peter and introduced him to Jesus. When that happened, Peter responded by saying YES to the relationship and it changed his life forever. You can read about this in the Gospel of John, chapter one, verse forty. Have you found the answer to radical transformational in your life? Who can you share it with and guide them to the place where they will say YES to the relationship? The principle of who do you listen to will determine who you build relationships with.

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