August 30, 2016

There are some interesting things to note about King Hezekiah and the success he enjoyed in the early years of his reign. We are told in 2 Chronicles chapter 29 he took massive and immediate action to turn his kingdom around in the first month he was king. He had a dream and goal to see the people in his kingdom live in right relationship to God, the Creator and Source of all things. He began with repairs to the temple, the location where the people had gathered in the past to worship God and fellowship together.

Hezekiah had an organized plan with specific steps towards its achievement. The next step was to bring those individuals from the clan of Levi, the priests, together and have them refocus on who God had called them to be and what He had chosen them to do. His next step was to bring the city officials together who were the leaders within the community to get them on board with his plan. When these local leaders caught the vision there would be greater influence upon larger numbers of people within the nation. In the process of influencing the city leaders he used strategies and techniques which elevated excitement and enthusiasm for his intention and plan.

Anticipation and excitement within the community increased. Then came the process which elevated this dream to a heightened level of expectation. Invitations were sent out inviting everyone to a great celebration. Such a celebration had not been held in the nation for a very long time. It was a seven day celebration called the Passover. The focus of the celebration was all about re-establishing the connection and relationship of the people with God and with each other. This was a brand new experience for some of the people and they did not know the procedures and how they should properly respond to what was taking place. In that moment, King Hezekiah interceded and prayed for understanding, love and grace to be extended to these individuals, not only by God but by everyone else. What was important in that moment was, people were seeking to come into closer relationship with God. He understood this was far more important than getting some external procedures exactly correct.

After seven days the people were so excited about what they were experiencing, Hezekiah extended the celebration for another seven days. During this time he took leadership in encouraging the Levites, who were the ones in charge of the daily proceedings. He also stepped in to provide personal resources to make sure the physical needs of the people were being met.

The end result was massive support for Hezekiah’s dream for spiritual renewal among the people of the nation. Hezekiah followed God’s universal recipe for success and it impacted a nation. Who will you positively influence with your choice to follow the recipe? Remember there is always greater power behind your intention when it is in alignment with the will and purposes of God.

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