July 30, 2016

I have repeatedly said in the past, “Your thoughts, beliefs, words and heart intentions matter, because they impact your actions which determine the outcomes in your life.” It was many years ago when I first heard Kevin Trudeau make the comment about coming to the place where our beliefs and our faith reach a place of excited knowingness. It is like Christmas is coming and what you are expecting to receive on Christmas Day is already sitting under the tree.

I had the opportunity to experience again the sense of expectation and excitement this week in relation to something I knew was coming. What is interesting is, a couple of weeks ago this was just a pipe dream. From where I was standing, at that time, this was not on my radar screen and I could not see how it ever could be.

When I made a choice to give it some thought, then went through the 6 step “One Command”® process in regards to believing that once it was established in the quantum field it would find its way into the physical realm, I simply left it in the hands of God. It was not long after from out of the blue, not really a coincidence, I had a series of “what if” potentiality thoughts present themselves. Within a matter of a couple of days those “what if” potentialities had firmed up and were on my radar screen. What followed was a series of events which left me in the position of knowing the present was under the tree and I just needed to wait for the day of present opening to arrive. I had the opportunity to know the excitement and thrill of anticipation until the day arrived. Today, was the day! What opened up for me with the green light of opening the package was the discovery there is still more excitement and anticipation yet to come in the complete fulfilment that which is yet to be. How exciting is that!

We are responsible for our thoughts, beliefs, words and heart intentions. We cannot blame anyone else. We can rejoice and be thankful and grateful for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and help in making faith based decisions which move us along the path towards living our life to its full potential. Why not make a decision to exercise your thoughts and faith to bring what you are dreaming about into your physical reality?

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